Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our little Mollie Dog

Mollie is turning out to be a really good doggie. She is doing great! Mollie loves playing in the water. Who ever thought that pugs liked water.. but she does. She loves her baths, showers and especially the sprinklers. She loves her Daddy and loves to snuggle and hog his side of the bed, thank goodness. During the day she is following me around at my feet whether I am sitting at my computer, where she has her bed under the desk, or walking around the house doing chores. She loves PB and Tiger and once in a while they play chase and the kitties are not the only ones who get a turn. All in all shes a keeper.. We love our Mollie Dog!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Newest Member of the National Junior Honor Society

The end of May Emily was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. Of the 200 7th Graders, 30 where chosen to fill the graduating 8th grader spots this upcoming year. The selected students were chosen not only because of their high GPA but also based on their service, leadership, citizenship and character.

The symbol of the torch represents the motto
"Light is the Symbol of Truth"
I pledge myself to uphold
The high purpose of the National Honor Society
To which I have been selected.
By word and deed
To make its ideals
The ideals of my school
And of my life.

We are very proud of her and the goals that she sets for herself. She understands that it takes hard work and lots of determination to be the person she want to be and has no problem with that.

Great Job Emily!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

May Spring Performance

I know I am a little behind in my postings. A month or so ago Emily had her spring recital. Its always fun to watch the kids dance and see how much they have learned over the year. Not much to say about the performance except, WOW, they are getting really good.. Below is a picture of the kids in the group. We have 39 dancers this last term which is fantastic!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is Fshion?

I can hardly get over the fact that July is almost here. Where does time go, I mean really.. come on. If I only had a few more hours in a day I could really be accomplished!! Right now my life is consumed with Irish Dance. I don't mind because it is what Emily loves to do. I can never seem to get her to stop "bopping" around.

In May her teacher spent the night for a Saturday workshop. Emily and her new bestest friend Jazmin decided that they were going to have a "fashion show" - mind you, it was very late at night and the girls were extremly silly. Lauren is such a kid at heart and a good sport :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Give a little here and Give a little there

Some days I wish to say "Oh, I'm sorry I can't", "No", "Let me check my schedule" or "I'm just way to busy today, Sorry".. I honestly wish I could. I don't mind helping out but I am at my wits end. Between Work, Domestic Engineering, Being Irish Dance President, Teaching on Sunday, trying to keep the house somewhat cleaned and keeping up with the needs of the kids and the husband (nevermind myself) I can not get enough done in the time I want to do it.
I know this too will pass and someday when the kids are out of the house, I will wish that I could do more. So I need to just suck it up and go with the flow... It will all work out just fine. Really it will. Baby Steps...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MJ Turns 12

MJ turned 12 this year and has been a very special time for him. . Let me tell you, I have never seen someone so excited to turn 12 in my life. I think he is excited for several reasons; MJ is no longer in primary, MJ is in Mutual now with the “big kids”. At 12 MJ has been interviewed and found worthy to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and takes this privilege seriously. He is excited to pass the sacrament and collect fast offerings.
This last Sunday, as a mom, I sat and watched my little boy start his journey as a young man. He has grown so much this past year.
After passing sacrament, he sat back with the family and since it was Fast Sunday I could see it in MJ’s eyes his desire to bear his testimony. And then it started…. Mom I’ll bear my testimony if you go and bear yours... Come on Mom… Come on. I replied, “No, you go first, then I’ll go…” And then the conversation would start over and over again. Being the brave mom I am, I broke down and sat at the front pew for my turn. As I am waiting, MJ came up from behind and said, “The deals off”. I proceeded to go up and bear my testimony and came back and sat by MJ. He says, “I changed my mind”. I could see how nervous he was and wanted so much to go up. So now it was my turn… “Mark, if you go up you can have all the money out of my wallet”. “How much money is in your wallet?” That went around a few times too. Finally I said, “If you’re going to go you better hurry, sacrament is almost over”. He FINALLY went up. My first thought was, on no, he’s going to be silly. But he wasn’t. I was so proud to watch him. His testimony was beautiful. He spoke from his heart of the love he has for the scriptures, the Gospel and his Father in Heaven.
What a wonderful start to growing into a young man. He’s going to be a great missionary. It brings tears to my eyes as I watched. MJ has always been a joy in our lives and is a great example to us and those around him. I am very proud of the young man he is becoming and I am excited for his future. I Love you MJ! You’re the Best!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Moosie Goosie

The weekend of March 26th we returned Moose to his original owners. Unfortunately, it needed to be done. Moosie was a handful for us and with the busy schedule the last 3 months he was not getting the attention that he needed. Let me tell you, it was hard and I cryed for a week. Out of the two, Moose and Mollie, Moose was my favorite. He is smart and sneeky; a big clown with lots and lots of energy.
Below is a picture of his new family, Caseys sister Debbie. So he's not too far away. She has acreage in the country with grandkids. he has lots of room to run and play and a family who will give him lots and lots of attenton that he deserves. Doesn't he look soo happy!! I'm thankful he has a good home. We Love you Moosie Goosie!!

MARCH 2010

March was another continuation of a busy February.
March 6th & 7th we headed to Seattle for the Pacific NW Championship Feis. Emily’s Irish dancing is going great. She moved several of her dances into Novice despite the fact that she was a bug. She wore her school dress for the first time and looked marvelous. I am proud of the hard work she puts in and is seeing the results.

The following weekend was a blur….Practice, practice, practice, practice……Perform. The 13th we performed at the Desert Thistle Pipe Band concert as one of several guest performers. On the 14th we performed at the Toyota Center. The “Kaleidoscope in Motion 2010”. “More than 700 people attended the second annual Kaleidoscope in Motion show at the Toyota Center in Kennewick on March 14, 2010. The show featured performances from An Daire Academy of Irish Dance, Mid-Columbia Ballet and the Tri-Cities Figure Skating Club” (Tri-City Herald). It was spectacular!! We have such a great group of Irish dancers. Emily you were AWESOME!!

St. Patrick’s Day week was crazy. The Irish dancers performed once Monday, once Tuesday, and 4 times on St. Patty’s Day. Wow, That was a lot!! But fun.

The weekend of the 20th we went into Portland. My Brother, Eric was moving to Colima, Mexico and had a going away party with family and friends. It was fun to meet V’s family and sad to see Eric moving so far away. I will miss the comfort of having him so close. It’s a good thing that we work together because if I need too I can just push a button and he’s right there. Ahh, technology!!

The 28th was Mj’s Birthday but I’ll write more about that later.